Parent of Athlete, 8th Grade

“My daughter has loved her sessions with Jon and Jesse and has learned so much. Her setting, hitting, and passing all improved and she loves their energy. Highly recommend training with them!”

Parent of Athlete, 7th Grade

“The small group instruction was amazing. I loved the immediate corrections and feedback. My daughter’s volleyball skills improved greatly. She can not wait to start again with Coach Jesse and Coach Jon! I highly recommend Hardline Athletics.”

Parent of Athlete, 9th grade

“My daughter switched positions this year for club and school and was really looking to improve her approach and hitting to help her teams. She not only learned so much with that, but also became much better with serve receive, defense, and passing. She went into high school this year much more confident and really appreciates all Jon and Jesse have done for her!”

Athlete, 10th Grade

I absolutely love having the opportunity to train with Hardline Athletics. I’ve learned so much at each training and apply these new skills to help me become a better volleyball player.

Athlete, College Junior

I have only had a couple of lessons through hardline athletics but my experience so far has been amazing! The coaches really take the time to get to know you and it shows through their coaching tactics. Getting a lot of touches in a short period of time has definitely helped maintain and improve my skills in between college seasons. I come back whenever I can!

Parent of Athlete, 10th grade

Hardline coaches, Jesse and Jon, truly take their time to focus on my son’s personal development for him to accomplish his goals of becoming a better player. They have truly helped him fine tune his skills. Watching my son play in tournaments, I truly see improvements in both ability, strength and confidence! Thank you Hardline!

Athlete, 11th Grade

Both coaches are super nice and encouraging. They make your time with them very fun and beneficial. They form the lesson around what you want to focus on and give very helpful tips.

Athlete, 9th Grade

Hardline Athletics was excellent in training on different techniques used in volleyball such as hitting, passing and serving. The coaches were wonderful in preparing for the high school team and season.

Athlete, College Senior

I worked with Jesse and Jon and they were incredible. They took the time to listen to what my goals were and really focused on those aspects. I have only trained with them a few times but I would love to work with them more in the future!

Parent of Athlete, 8th Grade

“Jesse and Jon were awesome. They were extremely helpful to my daughter. Took the time to show her the basics of serving which she struggled with the most. Their patience with her was amazing. Within a few weeks, my daughter had her serve and was so happy. They also take the time to build the girl’s confidence. As trainers and coaches, this is what kids need these days.”

Parent of Athlete, 9th Grade

“My daughter has so much fun working with Jesse and Jon. She loves the technical side of volleyball and they focus on form and encourage consistency.”

Athlete, College Junior

“I got many great hours of private training which has helped me work on many areas of my game. The coaches provide great insight and have worked with me every step of the way. Training with them is always a pleasure.